WASHINGTON, D.C.—Molecular biologist Dr. Jane Babin today revealed her groundbreaking new study which proves that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is falsely linking kratom to 44 deaths.

“The FDA has gone well beyond any credible scientific analysis in the documents they’ve produced,” Dr. Babin explained to reporters in a telephone press conference hosted by the American Kratom Association (AKA).

According to Babin, the FDA’s claim that kratom should be illegal is undermined by incomplete data and the FDA’s support for products with proven harmful side effects. “There’s no reason to believe that kratom contributed to the deaths, or caused the deaths, or is even significant other than the fact that a lot of these decedents used multiple drugs, both illegal and legal prescribed.”

She also said the FDA’s analysis of available information is incomplete. “You really need [to] have some idea of how the substance that you’re believing to be contributing to the death, how that substance works, how that substance is causing the death.” According to Babin, the FDA lacks this knowledge.

AKA Board Chairman Dave Herman shared Babin’s skepticism of the FDA’s conclusions. “No full disclosure has been done on these purported kratom deaths,” said Herman. “An agency that has the full force and effect of the United States government...is using anecdotal stories to prove a case they simply cannot prove.”

Mac Haddow, AKA’s senior Washington lobbyist who has served as a state representative and as a senior health care official in the Reagan administration, said Babin’s report is a public service for millions of safe kratom users. “I’ve been involved in public policy debates for more than 40 years,” said Haddow. “I have rarely in my experience seen such an egregious case of regulatory malpractice as is going on right now at the FDA.”

All speakers stood in agreement on one fact -- regulation, not criminalization. Dr. Babin concluded, “AKA has always advocated for regulation of the kratom leaf -- for good manufacturing processes, for purity, for non-adulteration, and even standardization.”

For that to happen, she says, the FDA must throw away their dishonest conclusions for the science as outlined in this report.

Babin’s study is online, and may be found here:


REPRINTED from the American Kratom Association

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