Only within the last two generations have we even had the need to ask the question, what is real food? Within that last five decades the basic American diet has shifted from whole and natural real foods to a daily diet high in sugar and refined flour. Because of this severe shift in our eating habits, we have become increasingly malnourished, obese, inflamed and sick. Never before in the history of man have we had access to so much information but still lack knowledge and wisdom when it comes to the food we put into our bodies. The processed foods that make up the bulk of the American diet have been stripped of nutrients and therefore possess little to no food value for the human body. They are empty calories that are harmful to the body no matter how boldly the label reads, “Enriched”, “Fortified” or otherwise. We as a culture have been conditioned to eat for taste, convenience and to satisfy emotional needs. We no longer eat to live, but rather live to eat.

An entire generation has now grown up with sugar-laden drinks, highly processed fast foods, and genetically modified fruits and vegetables. Products they call food. But what is real food and how should it be defined? Put simply, real food is food in its most natural state. No “refinement”, processing or modifications. Whole real foods are a product of nature, not a product of industry. Real food may be defined as:

  1. Organic fruits and vegetables.

  2. Dairy products. Yogurt, eggs and cheese.

  3. Seafood. Wild-caught, not farm raised.

  4. Organic meats (beef, chicken, etc)

  5. Natural sweeteners. Honey and 100% Maple syrup.

  6. Nuts, beans and legumes

Things that do not qualify as real food are:

  1. Refined grains. White flour, white rice, cake or pastries.

  2. Refined sweeteners. No sugar, corn syrup or most artificial sweeteners.

  3. Anything that comes from a can, box, package or bottle or that has more than five ingredients listed on the label.

  4. Fast food.

We are facing the greatest epidemic of obesity and all the related health issues that come with it and it is 100% due to our reckless and ignorant consumption of processed foods while rejecting the very foods that would promote good health for us and our families. If there is ever to be a shift toward healthier eating and living then we must stop thinking of junk foods as convenience, tasty and satisfying and developing thinking patterns that will create a natural repulsion for ingesting anything that can ultimately kill us. There was an old saying when I was growing up, “You Are What You Eat”. If we eat cake, candy and processed food, this is what our bodies will become. On the other hand, if we eat whole and natural whole foods, our bodies will respond in kind with growth, emotional harmony and life.

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