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My Private War Against Auto-Immune Disease

My own story begins with my personal struggle with an auto-immune condition called Sarcoidosis. After accepting my Doctor's recommendation for the max dose of Prednisone and Fosamax to counter the side-effects of the Prednisone I finally came to my senses after gaining 30 lbs and spending countless nights with steroid-induced insomnia and an irregular heartbeat.  I spent the next few months researching 'natural' cures to my condition, determined there had to be a better course of action than the pharmaceuticals that were damaging my body. 


My journey led me to learn how to identify and ultimately treat the underlying cause to my condition. My lifestyle and dietary choices had taken their toll on my metabolism. My body had given up trying to fight my choices, so inflammation set in. I needed something to ease my pain in order for me to attack the cause of my disease. I started using Ginger and Boswellia as anti-inflammatory agents and Milk Thistle as a purifying and trophorestorative tonic. I made simple changes to my diet. I cut out processed foods, soft drinks, sugar and dairy. For the first few days I felt worse than before, but it wasn't long before I could notice a significant change for the better. My swelling was reduced, my heart was back in rhythm, I could sleep and most of all, my joint pain was subsiding. After a month of treating myself, ALL of my symptoms had disappeared and I had effectively weaned myself from pharmaceuticals. That was 15 years ago.