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LADY'S SLIPPER Cypripedium acaule

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Common Names

  • Pink Lady's Slipper American Valerian, Nerve Root, Bleeding Heart, Moccasin Flower, Monkey Flower, Noah's Ark, Slipper Root, Venus Shoe

Lady Slipper is an orchid referred to in Native American lore as Nerve Root that possesses alkaloids that act as sedatives, anti-depressants and nervines. Several variations exists, but but the one that has provided the most consistent results is Cypripedium acaule or Pink Lady’s Slipper.

The root of Lady’s Slipper is called “Nature’s Tranquilizer” and is used primarily as a gentle tonic to calm the nerves and ease tension, anxiety, and stress. Often called the American Valerian, it is also thought to relieve depression, recurring headaches, and hyperactivity in children. Like Valerian, Lady's Slipper is an effective relaxant, reducing emotional tension and often calms the mind sufficiently to allow sleep. It appears to have more positive restorative effects than that of Valerian. However, because of its scarcity and cost, lady's slipper is now used only on a small scale as a sedative and for relaxing herb treating such stress-related disorders as palpitations, headaches, muscular tension, panic attacks, restless leg syndrome and neurotic conditions.

Key Actions

  • antispasmodic
  • relaxant/sedative


  • Ladies slipper contains quinines, which may have an additive effect when taken concomitantly with other quinine-containing agents, often used to treat malaria.
  • Lady's slipper is thought to contain tannins, glycosides, resins, and quinines. Patients taking cardiac glycosides or digoxin should use with caution.
  • Based on traditional use, lady's slipper may have additive effects when used with other sedatives. Caution is advised in patients taking herbs such as valerian or chamomile.


Tinctures are handmade and can take up to an additional 5 businrss days to process


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